Groups Of Services

  • House hold tasks 
  • Assist personal activities 
  • Assist-travel/transport 
  • Development – life skills 
  • Group Centre Based Activities
  • Assist-Life Stage, Transition
  • Community Participation

House Hold Tasks

Long Angels service offers assistance with domestic chores, including assistance with cleaning, dishwashing, clothes washing, fresh linen and ironing. Our goal is to provide and maintain a safe, secure and healthy environment for our clients.


Long Angels services will support participants to build the capacity to independently travel, which includes personal transport or training to use public transport.

Group Centre Based Activities

Supports may be provided in centre or group-based activities under this category. To develope skills that participants can become confident and independent with activities such as: camping, afterschool hours activities, vacations, etc.

Assist-Life, Transition

Our support with life change transition includes short-term and long-term support. With the focus being on strengthening the participant's ability to live comfortably as part of their community.

Assist Personal Activity

Our aim is to provide you with greater independence and community involvement such as shopping, interpreting and translating medical bills, docs,...; household tasks, assist in feeding, athing, dressing, grooming and toileting, meaa preparation & delivery, house or yard maintenance & laundry services.

Development - Life Skills

Long Angels will engage with you to understand your goals and work with you and your family/carers to put in place supports to develope everyday skills with a focus on building confidence and independence.

Community Participation

Assisting participants to participate actively in community, social and civic activities; As well as provide innovative community partition ideas. this is to particularly help those who are socially isolate. Developing skills for better communitcation, social interaction and independence.

Support for your Child

child, tower, building blocks-1864718.jpg

Therapy Assistant Services

A Therapy Assistant can support your child to practice the skills they learn in therapy and apply these throughout their daily life, whether at home, school or out in the community. All of our Therapy Assistants work in collaboration with a qualified therapist to implement a tailored treatment plan to support your child to work towards their unique goals.

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Community Access Support Services

Community Access Support will assist your child to actively participate in social and outdoor activities, providing your child with an opportunity to access external environments outside of their home; such as taking a walk, sports, shopping, festivals, group activities, etc. Our Community Access Support Service helps to reduce the social challenges off your child and the pressure off you.